Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Want to Slim ? Only Tea

Want to Slim ? Only Tea

Want to slim down naturally ? Try to drink tea regularly . Although you can not leave the habit of eating junk food , but drinking tea could be the solution so that the body weight is maintained.

The researchers at Kobe University , Japan , found that regular tea consumption can reduce the damaging changes in the blood. Page Times of India reported that the changes associated with the habit of eating fatty foods can lead to a person developing type 2 diabetes .

In a study has also been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry , they use some of the rats that were fed a high-fat diet . While some other tail given normal food . Each group was then given a drink of water , black tea , or green tea for 14 weeks .

As a result, both types of tea proven to suppress weight gain and abdominal fat accumulation . However, black tea has harmful effects on the blood associated with high -fat diet . Because the consumption of too often can lead to increased cholesterol , high blood sugar , and insulin resistance .

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