Friday, December 27, 2013

Caution , Lack of Sleep Can Make You Fat

Caution , Lack of Sleep Can Make You Fat
Be careful if you are sleep deprived . Besides not good for health and the body becomes weak , lack of sleep also causes weight to be increased .

Based on the research , lack of sleep encourages hunger signals in the brain and increases the level of hormones that affect appetite . It causes people to eat more .

Two Canadian obesity expert revealed that sleep is as important as exercise and diet , the weight loss .

In addition , the study showed that people who slept 8.5 hours will experience greater weight loss while following a healthy low calorie diet . However , for those sleeping only 5.5 hours otherwise it will feel the impact . Results of another study found that people who slept for 8.5 hours each night will lose 55 percent more fat in the body .

Previous studies have also found the same thing . Research conducted by experts from Kaiser Permanente , Washington , United States , found nights sleep more than six hours daily diet can help

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