Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Key Diet , Dessert Consumption Over Past

Generally , desserts are served at the end of a great meal . However, recent research suggests desserts given earlier can make a person's diet work better .

The researchers said the key to a person's diet should pay more attention to the amount of unhealthy food they consume .

According to the research , controlling one's diet is usually a matter of fighting against the will and wishes . However consumers can not rely entirely on the will to control their eating .

" They also need to create situations that will make them lose interest in food . Browse One way more unhealthy amount of food they eat , " the author writes Joseph P. Redden , Ph.D. , and Kelly L. Haws , Ph.D. , as quoted from page psychcentral .

The study was published in the Journal of Consumer Research . So if they are successful diet has a lot of willpower ? Or they are more quickly satisfied ?

To answer it , Redden and Haws conducted a series of studies and found that consumers who successfully control their diets slightly unhealthy foods because they are quickly satisfied .

They also found that many consumers are less able to control themselves able to establish greater control when they pay more attention to how many unhealthy foods . Because , how simple it is to make them more easily satisfied .

In an experiment , a group of consumers were asked to consume a healthy diet or an unhealthy snack . Some consumers were asked to count how many times they swallow snack .

Consumers who count the number of times they eat the snack is more easily satisfied even though they are less able to control themselves . Monitor how much they eat could make consumers less able to control themselves become more self bisamengontrol .

In short , counting the unhealthy food we consume that is the key. And if it's the same as eating dessert first, then it works well .

" The diet should focus on the amount of unhealthy food , not the amount of healthy food . Monitor healthy food can actually be counterproductive to the purpose of eating healthy foods . So successful diet secret is knowing when to monitor your food , " said the authors conclude .

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