Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Diet Myths

Diet Myths

Losing weight has become a common thing for many people , especially women . Various methods are used when diet , including following the diet myths that are usually advised parents .

Some of these myths is indeed the truth recognized by health experts . What is it?

1 . Dinner makes you fat
According to health experts if you want to lose weight , things to avoid , namely dinner . That's because your digestion is slower at night . As a result , all of the calories of the food has not been burned before bed and make fat accumulation .

2 . The less you eat , the faster you lose weight
It is totally wrong ! Skipping meals or even cut energy intake will actually backfire for the body . If we eat less you will lose muscle tissue that would stick into fat reserves .

Muscles usually burns more energy than fat . However , the fat reserves are replaced with muscle will make our metabolism will be slower . In the end , it adds weight .

3 . Bananas are good for diet
The myth was true . Bananas are a good choice if you are dieting . That's because it contains a lot of potassium and fiber which are essential nutrients . The fruit can also help you to feel fuller longer and prevent overeating during the day .

4 . Potato is a major disaster in the diet
This myth is wrong. Potatoes can also be a good friend when dieting . The recommended amount of moderate consumption is one potato a day . Potatoes will make weight gain if consumed in excess .

5 . Salad mandatory for diet food
Salad containing vegetables or fruit is healthy and low in calories . However , if it is given an additional salad toppings or fillings, such as mayonise , it will create a nightmare when dieting .

Diet will be more successful if aided by the sport . Do not forget , food intake when dieting should also be considered .

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