Friday, December 27, 2013

Caution , Lack of Sleep Can Make You Fat

Caution , Lack of Sleep Can Make You Fat
Be careful if you are sleep deprived . Besides not good for health and the body becomes weak , lack of sleep also causes weight to be increased .

Based on the research , lack of sleep encourages hunger signals in the brain and increases the level of hormones that affect appetite . It causes people to eat more .

Two Canadian obesity expert revealed that sleep is as important as exercise and diet , the weight loss .

In addition , the study showed that people who slept 8.5 hours will experience greater weight loss while following a healthy low calorie diet . However , for those sleeping only 5.5 hours otherwise it will feel the impact . Results of another study found that people who slept for 8.5 hours each night will lose 55 percent more fat in the body .

Previous studies have also found the same thing . Research conducted by experts from Kaiser Permanente , Washington , United States , found nights sleep more than six hours daily diet can help

Also Diet Can Make Women Trauma

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The Eve will do anything to lose weight . But beware , the diet can also cause women become traumatized . That would happen if the weight loss business is done they failed miserably .

Based on a study in the UK , if they fail diet will usually blame themselves . Due too often blame themselves , they will be traumatized . Typically , they are so reluctant to go on a diet again .

The study included 501 women aged between 35 and 55 years are overweight . As a result, 90 percent blame themselves for their weight .

Of the 334 women who go on a diet in the past three months , 62 percent feel they have lost weight . However , as much as 39 per cent felt their diet failure is a mistake .

Clinical psychologist Alison Harper said diet failures causing major problems cycle . Typically , these problems will be experienced by many patients who think negatively about themselves and less able to cope with the problem .

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Who Said White Bread Make You Fat?

Who Said White Bread Make You Fat?

White bread is considered as the most dangerous enemy by dieters and diabetics. Many have suggested that you should replace white bread with whole wheat bread. As a result, the bread on the market dropped dramatically over the past two decades. However, British researchers revealed that far more white bread than wheat bread nutrition store.

"The myth of white bread cause weight must be removed. Fact, white bread is much more nutritious than bread wheat," says nutrition scientist Dr Aine O'Connor.

Why is that? Because the nutritional value of whole wheat bread insufficient for the body. White bread actually an important source of nutrients for the body. In fact, essential vitamins and minerals white bread is very good for the body adequate nutrition.

Key Diet , Dessert Consumption Over Past

Generally , desserts are served at the end of a great meal . However, recent research suggests desserts given earlier can make a person's diet work better .

The researchers said the key to a person's diet should pay more attention to the amount of unhealthy food they consume .

According to the research , controlling one's diet is usually a matter of fighting against the will and wishes . However consumers can not rely entirely on the will to control their eating .

" They also need to create situations that will make them lose interest in food . Browse One way more unhealthy amount of food they eat , " the author writes Joseph P. Redden , Ph.D. , and Kelly L. Haws , Ph.D. , as quoted from page psychcentral .

The study was published in the Journal of Consumer Research . So if they are successful diet has a lot of willpower ? Or they are more quickly satisfied ?

To answer it , Redden and Haws conducted a series of studies and found that consumers who successfully control their diets slightly unhealthy foods because they are quickly satisfied .

They also found that many consumers are less able to control themselves able to establish greater control when they pay more attention to how many unhealthy foods . Because , how simple it is to make them more easily satisfied .

In an experiment , a group of consumers were asked to consume a healthy diet or an unhealthy snack . Some consumers were asked to count how many times they swallow snack .

Consumers who count the number of times they eat the snack is more easily satisfied even though they are less able to control themselves . Monitor how much they eat could make consumers less able to control themselves become more self bisamengontrol .

In short , counting the unhealthy food we consume that is the key. And if it's the same as eating dessert first, then it works well .

" The diet should focus on the amount of unhealthy food , not the amount of healthy food . Monitor healthy food can actually be counterproductive to the purpose of eating healthy foods . So successful diet secret is knowing when to monitor your food , " said the authors conclude .

Diet Myths

Diet Myths

Losing weight has become a common thing for many people , especially women . Various methods are used when diet , including following the diet myths that are usually advised parents .

Some of these myths is indeed the truth recognized by health experts . What is it?

1 . Dinner makes you fat
According to health experts if you want to lose weight , things to avoid , namely dinner . That's because your digestion is slower at night . As a result , all of the calories of the food has not been burned before bed and make fat accumulation .

2 . The less you eat , the faster you lose weight
It is totally wrong ! Skipping meals or even cut energy intake will actually backfire for the body . If we eat less you will lose muscle tissue that would stick into fat reserves .

Muscles usually burns more energy than fat . However , the fat reserves are replaced with muscle will make our metabolism will be slower . In the end , it adds weight .

3 . Bananas are good for diet
The myth was true . Bananas are a good choice if you are dieting . That's because it contains a lot of potassium and fiber which are essential nutrients . The fruit can also help you to feel fuller longer and prevent overeating during the day .

4 . Potato is a major disaster in the diet
This myth is wrong. Potatoes can also be a good friend when dieting . The recommended amount of moderate consumption is one potato a day . Potatoes will make weight gain if consumed in excess .

5 . Salad mandatory for diet food
Salad containing vegetables or fruit is healthy and low in calories . However , if it is given an additional salad toppings or fillings, such as mayonise , it will create a nightmare when dieting .

Diet will be more successful if aided by the sport . Do not forget , food intake when dieting should also be considered .

Want to Slim ? Only Tea

Want to Slim ? Only Tea

Want to slim down naturally ? Try to drink tea regularly . Although you can not leave the habit of eating junk food , but drinking tea could be the solution so that the body weight is maintained.

The researchers at Kobe University , Japan , found that regular tea consumption can reduce the damaging changes in the blood. Page Times of India reported that the changes associated with the habit of eating fatty foods can lead to a person developing type 2 diabetes .

In a study has also been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry , they use some of the rats that were fed a high-fat diet . While some other tail given normal food . Each group was then given a drink of water , black tea , or green tea for 14 weeks .

As a result, both types of tea proven to suppress weight gain and abdominal fat accumulation . However, black tea has harmful effects on the blood associated with high -fat diet . Because the consumption of too often can lead to increased cholesterol , high blood sugar , and insulin resistance .